Friday, October 17, 2014

Music Videos, Artist Promo Reel, Artist Profile, Documentaries, Live Performances, KickStarter, Short Films, PodCast, Public Service Announcements, Interviews, Fashion Shows, Grant Submission, TV Ads, TV Segment Producers, Special Events, Weddings.

We are video veterans serving the artistic community in New York City for 25 years .
Please contact our award winning team for any questions you may have.
We provide FREE consultation services.

Our production samples and services we provide to the community.

Music Videos 
starting at $3000
Flow Affair by Jerico Of The Angels

Live Performances
starting at $250
Skin & Bones, Glam Rock, live set
Frank Torren, Cabaret live

Artist Promo Reel
starting $500
Harmonica Sunbeam, Queen of Comedy

Artist Profile
starting $500
Ralph Lee, Master of Puppetry

starting at $400
Pussy & Cunty, The Closet

starting at $500
Willi Ninja, Voguing Dancer, interview

Fashion Shows
starting at $250
James Purcell, Fashion Designer

Special Events
starting at $15.000
New York New Rock TV, 4th Anniversary

starting at $10,000
Flow Affair, Trailer 

TV Advertisement
starting at $3.000

Public Service Announcement
starting at $1.000
Out On The Edge, Festival

Short Film
starting at $3.000
Imperial Court System, Founder Mama

TV Segment Producers
starting $1.500
Hair-braiding, Washington Square Park

Digitizing & Archiving
staring at $2.000
Gay Lesbian American Music Awards

Event Advertisement
starting at $500
New Jersey International Storytelling, Festival

Grant Submission
starting $1.500
Sunnyside Community Center

Off Broadway Musical
starting $1.000
Inferno, Pitch Video

Entertainment News Coverage
starting $1.500
Luke's Freak Fest, Film Opening

Pictures to Music Video
starting at $300
Willi Ninja, Voguing Dancer

We Do Weddings Too
starting at $800

Art From The Heart Films

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